floof™ (noun)
1. furry bundles of fluff
2. your favorite fluffiest four-legged friends
3. wearables for furbabies + their humans
floof™ was a happy (and furry!) accident. After adding a few shirts with playful sayings to our previous women's boutique, Crown & Honey, many of our customers fell in love with them and we decided to open a shop dedicated to furbabies and their furowners.
We strive to make witty, lovable, everyday apparel and accessories for dogs and their humans that make a difference. For every purchase made in our floof™ online shop, 10% of our profits will be donated to Paws Place Dog Rescue + Adopt an Angel Rescue & Adoption.
Throughout our lives, we have had several dogs who have become a part of our family. They are almost like children and we wouldn't have it any other way.

 We rescued our eight-year-old pomeranian, Sweetums, from a home that left him so neglected as a puppy that he developed hypoglycemia and had a seizure only a week after I picked him up. We had to force feed him every few hours for a month until he finally became the healthy beautiful ball of energy he is today.

A few years later, we rescued our long-haired chihuahua from a terrible home that did not feed him. He was so malnourished that he would only eat his feces and would scream if he went to the bathroom inside the house as though he was beat by his previous owners. When we picked him up, he barely had any fat on his body and we could feel his entire spine. Today, he is a plump and sassy sweetheart with the hair so soft it feels like rabbit's fur.
Our furbabies are an integral part of our lives today and are always there for us unconditionally (okay, sometimes only if we give them treats). We hope that you will get as much joy from our products as we do making them!